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                                                                                   Release Date:  April 2021

Kumite for Love 


To save her family's dojo from bankruptcy, tomboy and martial arts expert Aiyana Amari travels to Japan to win the Meiji tournament but is thrust back to 1853 into the life of a geisha.  Sea captain Derek Blackburn, on a secret mission to assassinate the shogun, snatches her golden hair ornament--the portal home. Aiyana schemes to get the comb back until Derek wins her heart and makes her decision to leave tougher than any sparring match.

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Free to Love  **
In the village of Szihalom, Hungary in 1956, peasant farmer Istvan Farkas meets the new nurse  and is blindsided by love.  Juliska Pekar, about to start her medical career, soon takes on another role--aiding Istvan in the fight for freedom. Russian tanks rumble through the streets and the hangman readies a noose for Istvan's neck. Together Juliska and Istvan escape across a heavily guarded border into Austria--finally free but unaware that danger still follows.

​** Awaiting publication


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